Collective Endeavours is a music/dance collective from Scotland that began with the meeting of Jer Reid and Solène Weinachter in 2010. Their starting point was that the music and dance would have equal impact on their pieces. Their aim has been to create dance/music duets that engage with specific ideas that feel important to them. They believe that the way to reach out with these ideas is to perform in all kind of spaces – especially places that don’t usually see dance.

So far that has included proscenium theatres, community centres and a field in Scotland, a city square in a town in the Basque country and a hardened cow shit and straw floor in a French music festival.

Collective Endeavours has been mostly involved with larger group music/ dance in the last few years. The current group comes from: Jer Reid, Solène Weinachter, Joan Clevillé, Nerea Gurrutxaga, Luke Sutherland, Catriona McKay and Alex South.

We are always looking for a chance to take dance and improvisation to places that don’t usually get to see it – as well as those who do. Do get in touch.