Group Music/ Dance Improvisations

Larger group music/dance improvisations is mainly what Collective Endeavours has been involved with in recent years with residencies at CCA Creative Lab, CCA Intermedia Gallery, The Work Room Glasgow as well as time in Tramway.

Lots of different people have kindly added their energy and insights to these sessions over the years. Eventually a group has cohered around Jer Reid, Solène Weinachter, Joan Clevillé, Nerea Gurrutxaga, Luke Sutherland, Catriona McKay and Alex South.

On the way we’ve played as part of Counterflows music festival in Glasgow in 2014 (featuring Brian Hartley, Rachele Rapisardi, Joseph Quimby) and the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra GIOfest (with Marta Masiero and Joe Quimby). We’ve so far performed in London, Bradford, Manchester, Dundee, Glasgow.

Jer and Solène
Merchants’ Quay, Shipley, photo by Aby Vulliamy


Video by Matthew Robinson