Around Titles

A series of improvised dance/music duets framed by three titles the audience picks at random from a pool of thirty titles, varying from direct statement to more poetic sentiments.

This was also an examination of using audio samples containing direct philosophical or political ideas as part of the improvisation, with clips by people like Noam Chomsky and John Trudell.

Around Titles was supported by a Dance House residency in Glasgow and premiered in Inkietas festival, Estella-Lizarra in Spain 2012 and has been presented in Scotland and Spain.

Review of Around Titles by The List


Collective Endeavours at Doune the Rabbit Hole
Doune the Rabbit Hole, 1 Aug 2014, photo by Howie Reeve


Doune the Rabbit Hole 2014
Doune the Rabbit Hole, 2 Aug 2014