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ROSALIND CRISP has been invited by Collective Endeavours in association with Scottish Dance Theatre and the Work Room to teach a weekend workshop in March 2018.

Rosalind Crisp workshop

Rosalind’s masterclasses offer practical tools to pay attention to the act of dancing and concrete ways of perceiving and then generating movement. As a practice, this work can deflect the dancer from their habitual movement pathways, enlarge their range of movement choices, and place them more solidly in the present. These are primary sources for a movement that empowers the dancer as a creative agent. As Rosalind’s work is about placing the attention in the body, her tools are not only of great value for professional dancers but are also accessible to musicians via their movement. As her techniques revolve around paying attention to habits and expanding choices, this is important to all facets of creativity

This workshop is open to experienced dancers and musicians open to move.

If you want to know more about Rosalind have a look on her website.:


The Work Room, Tramway, 25 Albert Drive, GLASGOW G41 2PE


Friday 16th March 6pm – 9pm
Saturday 17th March 11am – 6pm
Sunday 18th March 10am -5pm


£80 concession (including students)
£100 freelance/low income
£150 standard price


Attendance is required for the 3 days. Please let me know of any access requirements

More complementary info about the workshop to come soon.



Collective Endeavours will be running workshops in Dundee as part of Scottish Dance Theatre’s creative learning programme.

As part of Dance International Glasgow we’ll be performing/ curating an evening at Govanhill Baths and performing at SWG3:

Sunday 30th April – Govanhill Baths

99 Calder St

An evening of multi-discipline music and dance, programmed and led by Collective Endeavours as part of Dance International Glasgow.

Tuesday 2nd May – SWG3

100 Eastvale Place

Dance International Glasgow at SWG3: Lucy Suggate and James Holden/Collective Endeavours

Details of both performances here: Performances